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We are a team of dedicated and passionate teachers.


Our aim is to spread the yoga philosophy and ensure that our students gain a deep understanding of the beautiful core values of yoga, build lasting friendships, memories and have an unforgettable experience with us.

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Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500),

Adventure Lover and Musician

Evelyn’s spiritual practice started at a young age. Growing up in a Buddhist family in Malaysia, she remembers going to temples to attend meditation sessions with her parents.  She remembers trying and failing miserably at sitting still and attempting to meditate as a child. Eventually, she decided meditation was not for her and that she preferred to move and do sports instead.


Then 12 years ago, she discovered yoga. The perfect combination of using both the body and the mind. She admired it for its physical challenges as well as its spirituality – the side that was instilled in her in her youth that never really left.


Evelyn teaches a blend of hatha, vinyasa and yin. She believes that yoga is an all-encompassing practice and is beneficial in so many ways, no matter what “style” you practice. She loves teaching and making connections with her students around the world. Her main focus is always on the individuals and how to get them what they need. She continues to grow with her students in every class constantly striving to make the learning experience more enjoyable.

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Teach Yoga & Travel the World
Teaching Yoga the most rewarding



Yoga Teacher (RYT 200),

Photographer and Filmmaker

Born and raised in Mumbai, Kunal studied computers and worked as a photographer and filmmaker.


At the age of 24, he attended a course in Dharamshala after being drawn into spirituality. He then began learning yoga from his teacher in Mumbai. After 3 years of regular practice with his teacher and self-study in subjects like Mudra Meditation and Ayurveda, he enrolled in a yoga teacher training course in Hatha Yoga at the Asana Andiappan School of Yoga, Chennai.


He has been teaching ever since and continues to learn about holistic approaches from experienced teachers and books. He wishes to share his knowledge and the benefits of these practices with others.

His teaching style focuses on breaking down complex postures into simple steps and letting everyone find their own strengths and weaknesses in different parts of the body. He encourages people to challenge themselves and helps them to safely get deeper into a posture, whilst still making it challenging at the same time.  


He also teaches pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga nidra (relaxation) and mudra meditation that is aimed specifically on fighting addictions and fears, gaining confidence, physical healing, increasing breath capacity amongst others. 

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Learn Yoga in Paradise



Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500),

Environmental Advocate and Holistic Wellness Enthusiast

Stefani has been practising yoga & meditation for over 21 years, and teaching in-studio, workshops, retreats and training for over 15.

She has studied with various lineages such as Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal, Hatha & Tantra Yoga & Ayurveda in India and Thailand, and Vipassana and Hridaya meditation. Her style is a fusion of Therapeutic Yoga with Classical Hatha Yoga, leading to a state of profound peace and stillness via the integration of meditation.  


Stef's deep understanding of yogic principles allows you the safe and solid understanding of of history while seamlessly flowing nutrition and ayurveda into your practice,  giving you the power of knowledge how to live an exceptionally well balanced and wholesome life for inner and outer beauty.  

She is also the co-founder of Ahimsa Eco Solutions, an environmentally conscious company that provides plastic-free alternatives made from the highest quality biodegradable, compostable, upcycled and/or recyclable materials, resulting in less waste, less plastic, and no toxins.

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